motivated mom

Bio: So i am 25 years old, Married to my best friend and we have two amazing children. We currently live in CA. This is my husbands second duty station.. It's a change since we are from Indiana, but we follow where ever my husband gets stationed.I am a stay at home mommy and love it even though my kids can tend to be a tad bit crazy at times. Hayden is a 5 year old diva who thinks shes a teenager. Wyatt is a 3 year old who wants to do anything his sister does, which can be stressful. My family is my life and my everything without them i wouldn't be the woman i am today. Recently within the last year I started a new journey in my life, I realized i am not happy with the way i looked. After having two kids i am well out of shape and didn't like the # i seen on my scale. I started working out and eating healthy, well attempting to eat healthy(I hate veggies). i started out with p90x and that got boring fast, So then i tried Les mills Combat and fell in love! I went from to flab to almost fab and was starting to love the # on my scale. Now i am back at working out and just started T25, Now i most definitely am in love with this work out! 25minutes a day for 5days a week, perfect for me since i have toddlers! The hubby and i workout every night after we put the kids in bed. We are ready to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle not only for us but for our children also, because our kids follow and learn off what we do. I am a beach body coach and love to help motivate others to get in shape and be happy with who they are & how they look. Follow my blog and watch my transformation ( I may have the husbands also if he allows it 😉 ) ill add my weekly workouts and meal plans for each day, I'm kind of obsessed with counting calories and NOW watching what I eat. I'm currently on a 2000 calories meal plan for each day, well attempting to take in 2000 calories a day since i am still breastfeeding Wyatt. I do not starve myself or use any weight loss pills, im getting in shape the old fashioned way EXERCISING AND EATING RIGHT!

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